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GDPR Privacy Agreement

This notice sets out how any personal data I collect from you will be stored and processed confidentially.

Personal information collection is gathered

  • Via information that you provide me via email, phone or third-party contact

  • The assessment form.

  • Brief session notes.

  • I use the platform Zoom for online therapy, which is securely encrypted. 

Where I store your personal data

  • All personal data that I collect from you will be kept securely.

  • The assessment form, your contact details, and brief session notes are stored securely.

  • The brief session notes are anonymised, using your initials only, and password protected.

  • I take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.

Uses made of the information

  • I use your contact details to provide you with information about the therapy sessions you require and notify you about changes to my availability and any other relevant administrative changes.

  • I use the brief session notes to carry out my obligation arising from the agreement between you and me.

  • As part of my commitment to providing a professional service, I attend supervision regularly. A confidentiality contract binds this and protects your identity, and I only use your first name's initial.

How long do I keep your information/notes for

  • Texts are deleted immediately, and emails are deleted once a month. After therapy has finished, I will delete your phone number from my phone.

  • I will retain your assessment form and brief sessions notes as long as we are working together. After therapy has finished, I will keep these documents for a further five years if you decide to return to therapy with me, which is also a requirement of my indemnity insurance. After that, the documents will be destroyed.

Your rights

  • You are entitled to view, amend, or delete the personal information I hold. All requests have a month to be carried out.

In the event of a data breach

  • I have a legal obligation to report a data breach to you and the Informations Commissioners Office (ICO) within 72 hours.

Disclosure of your personal information

  • In the event of my incapacity or death, your personal contact information will be disclosed to my clinical executor of my Professional Will to notify you. They will also destroy all contact information and notes on my computer.

  • If I am under a duty to disclose your personal data to comply with any legal obligation. For example, if I am subpoenaed to court or a legal requirement such as safeguarding children or vulnerable adults, terrorism or money laundering.

Changes to the GDPR agreement

  • I will notify you of changes I may make to this privacy policy in the future.

Consent to the GDPR agreement

  • Your use and undertaking of the services of Tandem Therapy constitutes your approval and acceptance of this agreement, and you are consenting to my use, and storage of your personal information, which you have disclosed to me, as detailed above. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time.

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